Whatever we make is made from only the best cuts of meat i.e., the breast and thighs pieces only with fat removed. We as a policy never use any other parts or discarded organs. We also do not use the meats from already dead or diseased animals.

Pure meat is expensive. We all know that

Most of the imported treats and food available in India use heavy filler grains like Wheat & Tapioca flour and use negligible amounts of real meat which makes them cheaper to produce. They are also heavily laced with preservatives, artificial flavours and contain salt & sugar to increase the palatability of the treats which in turn leads to deterioration in the pet’s overall health. This is why they are high in protein & moisture content and low in fat values.

We at Woofur and Pixie use the best of the best meats in our treats and food and we pay a fair value for sourcing the meats hence the procurement cost is higher for us. We also do not use any filler grains hence what you get for your pet is the real meat in the true sense. Hence, we ask a fair price from the buyers.


We source the freshest cuts of human-grade meat everyday along with fruits and vegetables. The kitchen starts operating at 4 AM in the morning every single day to ensure no saline laced frozen meat ever makes way to Woofur and Pixie kitchen. Super fresh, fat removed and ethically sourced ingredients are what we use.

We proudly display nutritional facts and guaranteed analysis on the packaging. All the treats are super high in protein and the food contains balanced amount of protein. Example-Woofur Pure chicken jerky contains a 78% Protein since we use the best cuts of chicken. However for simplicity. we guarantee a minimum of 60% natural Protein in any treat we make.

 All of these values are backed by Euro-Accredited laboratory results which are available for anyone to check.



Why do Woofur and Pixie Jerky treats look different from other Jerky treats available in the market?

We look different since we mince the chicken as soon as we receive the fresh meat early in the morning. By mincing we actually put in an extra effort to ensure super quality if delivered to our buddies Mincing allows us to make a fine sheet of chicken to be placed in the state-of-art dehydrators we use. It helps the treats cook in an even manner thereby ensuring each part gets dehydrated in an equal way.

Many manufacturers do not want to take the headache of mincing and have no mechanism in place to ensure equal dehydration at all places of the meat hence if you see most of the chicken jerky treats available have more moisture at certain parts (chewy) and some parts are extremely dry.

More moisture means you are effectively paying for water rather than for the meat for your pet. Please do check the moisture levels of the treats you currently serve.

Never. No Glycerine or any other form of preservative or additive is used in our products.

Be it vegetable glycerine or artificial glycerine, it is used to preserve meats which contain higher levels of moisture. Glycerine actually works against the principle of dehydration. Dehydration removes moisture whereas glycerine preserves moisture. Using glycerine actually allows the treats manufacturers to sell treats with higher moisture levels which effectively means you are paying for water and not the meat. Most of the jerky treats sold in the market are soft and chewy because of higher moisture levels. This is due to incomplete dehydration and use of glycerine to make the partly dehydrated jerky shelf stable.

We ensure the moisture level of below 5% in all the treats we make. This makes the treats are probably one of the most dehydrated and crunchy treats available in the world. We cannot take the moisture levels below a certain 9% since at that moisture level the treat would crumble into a powder hence we maintain 4%-5% moisture levels when we pack the product. As we do not use any preservatives or glycerine we need to reduce moisture levels to the lowest to ensure 15 months shelf life.

At the end, we know that the pet parent is paying for the benefits of real meat, fruits and vegetables and not for glycerine, additional water (moisture), preservatives or cheap and harmful fillers.

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